explore your perspective

Movement, awareness & support come together in your private yoga therapy session.

Gain insight & deeper understanding by listening to what your body has to say.

keep stepping forward

• Weekly Sessions - in person, online or over the phone

• Check Ins - between weekly sessions; additional support & accountability

• Personalized Practices - what makes sense for you & your life

Sometimes the only thing standing in the way is the path someone else told you to take.

Life mentor ≠ Life Coach because you will always be your best coach!

explore relationship

Not only can sessions deepen our relationship to self, but also support the growth & resilience within relationship to others.

connecting with self & others

Different groups series events & workshops are offered throughout the year.

Check out groups offered throughout Maine & with our online community.

take the first step

Wondering where to start?

This gives us an opportunity to talk about what you're looking for from working together: over the phone, in person

or via video chat.

let's work together

This work is designed to be adaptable: stand alone, adjunctive, complement.

Whether you combine this with Traditional Therapy, Counseling, Dancing, Acupuncture, Massage or any other modality, this method allows folks to INTEGRATE ALL ASPECTS OF WHAT THEY RECEIVE to find which combination supports their efforts toward each step of their personal journey day by day.

Let's EMPOWER our clients together!

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